Looking for the perfect guy? Longing for that special someone? The single life isn't for everyone and that is perfectly fine! These tips will help you on your journey to finding Mr. Right.


STOP LOOKING SO HARD. Desperately looking for a man is simply pathetic and you'll receive attention for the wrong reasons. You don't want to seem too available. Instead, live your life, be happy with who you are as a person, and let things happen naturally. Once your focus shifts from "relationship goals" you'll find that the perfect person will eventually appear right before your very eyes. 


GET RID OF THE IDEA OF PERFECTION. Nobody is perfect and the sooner you understand that the better. It's okay to set high standards but, looking for the "perfect guy" will set you up for disappointment. Instead, make it a point to find a man that accepts you for who you are and you feel comfortable around because it's true that there is someone out there for everyone.


YOU CAN'T MEET GUYS SITTING AT HOME, SO GO OUT AND SOCIALIZE. Now if you'd prefer a boyfriend that DOESN’T drink like a sailor then do yourself a favor and avoid meeting guys at the bar. Spend time indulging in activities that you wholeheartedly enjoy and in doing so you are bound to meet guys. For example, if you enjoy art then attend an art show, or photography club to meet someone there. 

MAKE SURE HE IS REALLY SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE. The worst thing that can happen is finding a guy that you adore, developing feelings him, then realizing that he is already in a relationship. Don't rush in to things; instead take time to get to know him before making any serious commitments. 


TAKE IT SLOW AND START OFF AS FRIENDS. There is nothing wrong with beginning with a solid friendship. It's actually more enjoyable because you'll develop a stronger bond with your boyfriend. You'll feel more comfortable around him and it'll be easier to open up. 


DON'T BE AFRAID TO FLIRT. You want to be approachable and friendly with lots of smiles. Not so over the top that it comes off as fake but, just enough to let him know that you are interested. Be confident and try a little body contact. For example, laugh at one of his jokes and lightly tap his shoulder. This will loosen him up and make him feel more comfortable around you.


RESPECT YOURSELF AND SHOW HIM HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED. Self-respect is attractive and a man will treat you however you let him. Remember that you do not have to put up with anyone's crap. If he is abusive, manipulative, controlling, possessive, uses intimidation as a means to get his way, or treats you differently when you are in public then you need to figure out if he is really worth your precious time. 


BRING OUT THE BEST IN HIM AND SHOW HIM HE NEEDS YOU IN HIS LIFE. You must first establish an atmosphere of trust. Be there for him through all his trials and tribulations by being his support system. Encourage him to be the best he can be by being his personal cheerleader. When he's stuck and confused dish out advice that will inspire him to get back on his feet. Don't judge and ridicule him, instead, show him you appreciate having a man like him in your life. Overall, don't be a judgmental, lazy, possessive cheater!


BE YOURSELF NO LIES HONESTY IS THE KEY. Knowing who you are, and what's important to you is vital. You don't want to build your relationship on lies and deceit. Be honest about what you expect from him, about your lifestyle, and your likes/dislikes. You'll see that your relationship will blossom and run a lot smoother. 


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