The Art Of Letting Go

Everyone has had to let go of something whether it was a loved one or an opportunity. Holding on to hurt feelings and emotions is unhealthy. Lingering on what used to be is exhausting. Holding onto negativity will ultimately keep a person  stuck in a world of despair, unable to move forward and progress.


Although it’s nearly impossible to completely wipe the mind of a memory, it’s still possible to move on, not allowing the experience to be crippling. Those negative emoitions can’t be allowed to take over.

Trying to fill some sort of inner emptiness/saddness

Acknowledge the thing or person you are attached to

Cry and Face _____

Everything happens for a reason

Distract yourself with love from yourself, friends and family

Focus on your blessings and start loving yourself again

understand that just because you are having a bad moment doesn't mean you have a bad life.

release regret

remember who you are outside of the relationship

let go


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