Standard metric track distances:

100 meters 1/4 of a lap (a straightaway)

200 meters 1/2 of a lap (a curve and a straightaway)

300 meters 3/4 of a lap (a straightaway, curve, and straightaway)

400 meters 1 lap

800 meters 2 laps (about 1/2 a mile)

1600 meters 4 laps (about a mile)


What to do:

1. Run/walk 2 laps and stretch in order to warm up the muscles before the workout.

2. Sprint the straights and slowly jog around the curves for a total of 1600 meters. Jogging the curves is important because it prevents lactic acid build up.

3. Use medium intensity for the first few sprints.

4. If done correctly, the last sprint should be the fastest (NEVER USE 100% EFFORT).


Please Note: Stop the workout if you feel dizzy, nauseous, or pain.


The benefits of this workout:

Builds strength and endurance – This exercise builds muscle strength by targeting the fast-twitch muscle fibers. Sprinting is also one of the most efficient ways to build endurance. With the right nutrition and recovery techniques, the body will become leaner and enable more efficient running in the future.


Burns fat – Sprint training is one of the most efficient conditioning exercises that can create significant and notable fat loss. This also includes water weight. Sprinting will burn fat, while preserving or even building muscle mass.


Improves heart health – Sprinting workouts can lower blood pressure, and improve overall cardiovascular health. The fast-twitch muscles that are being strengthened with sprints can improve heart functions. Sprinting puts extra effort on the muscles, which makes the heart work and pump harder (this strengthens the heart). Having a strong heart will reduce your chances of getting heart disease.


Reduces stress – Exercising produces chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers (endorphins) and provide a “feel good” sensation. The release of endorphins stimulates confidence and relief, especially after having successfully completed a workout. Sprints are a challenging workout and moments of uncertainty in the middle of the workout can make it hard to finish. Nonetheless, it's important to push through the discomfort in order to build confidence in your physical and emotional abilities. After accomplishing a goal, you will automatically feel good yourself.

Convenient and Versatile– Sprints are more time effective than slowly jogging for an hour. Sprints are a great way to maximize a workout with half the time! “Straights and Curves” can be performed in a variety of settings such as on ellipticals, in the pool (easier on joints and knees), or on hills.


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