Length Check

Hey #TeamLovely!

I started growing out my perm August 2012, big chopped January 2014 and didn't get another professional haircut until September 2017 (another "mini-big chop"). Today's length check is the aftermath of my whole journey.

What Is A Length Check?

A length check is simply a measurement of how long my hair currently is or how long it has grown since a previous time.

How To Do A Length Check

If you're like me, you don't have a fancy length check shirt and you're not even going to go through the trouble of measuring your hair with a ruler! It can be hard to notice any hair growth because it feels like it's the same length for months and months. I found the best way to check the length of my hair is by comparing its current state with old photographs and videos.

January 2012 (perm) November 2015 (natural)

Watch my length check video below and tell me how you do your length checks.

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