Here are some love vouchers that will put a smile on your loved one's face. These ideas can be altered in any way to better fit the needs of your partner.

Take Away The Stress

This section is all about what de-stresses your partner. Think about things that make him/her relax.

  • Back Massage

  • Back Scratch

  • Foot Rub

  • Neck Massage

  • Full Body Massage

  • Day of Pampering (cater to him/her for the entire day with NO complaints)

  • Bath Fit for a King/Queen (a long bath while you set the music, bring them wine and snack like grapes or cheese)

  • Free "I'll Cook And Clean!" Pass (cook dinner then imediatley do the dishes)

  • Movie Night (sit on the couch and watch any movie of thier choice)

  • You Control the Remote Day (he/she gets to control the tv for the day with NO complaints from you!)

  • Your Favorite Treat (bake a sweet treat of thier choice)

Go Out And About

  • A Day at the Beach

  • Movie Night ( go see any movie of thier choice)

  • One dress up date

  • Shopping Spree

  • Spa Visit (paid in full by you of course)

  • Nail salon visit (mani and pedi)

The 'Little Things'

The little things matter too! Show your partner you care with a few small treats.

  • Pucker Up! (kissing for 5 minutes, kiss them wherever and however they like, try new kisses)

  • Cuddlebunnies! (20 minutes of cuddling on the couch, in bed, or wherever else)

  • Feeling Ticklish? (5 minutes of tickling)

  • One Looong Hug (as long as they need it)

  • Breakfast in Bed

Free Pass

Give your partner a few freebees

  • 3 Wishes

  • 3 hours of your undivided attention

  • Get Out of Trouble Free

  • Do-Over! (if you give them a booklet they can reclaim any coupon they've already used)

  • Sure Thing Boss! (do one chore they hate to do around the house - yard work, cleaning a room/fridge/windows, etc.)

  • 1 make up session

Pure Romance

These are the memorable things you do that help define and (hopefully) strengthen your relationship.

  • Candlelit Dinner (you'll cook)

  • Romantic Restaurant (their choice)

  • Sunday Brunch (their choice)

  • Let's Spend the Night Out (spend the night at a hotel)

  • Sunset/Moonlight Picnic

  • May I Have This Dance? (15 minutes of slow dancing to the music of their choice)

  • I'm Feeling Bubbly! (candlelit bubble bath together)

  • City Lights (find a spot to watch the city lights at night)

  • Hail Caesar! (feed them chocolate, strawberries, grapes, or whatever while they lie back and listen to their favorite music)

  • Kissy Kissy ( 1 minute knock you off your feet, passionate kiss)

  • Skinny Dipping

  • Romantic Massage (full body massage with candles, music, wine)

  • Moonlit Walk

  • Photo Shoot (let them photograph you however they want)

  • Nice Day for a Picnic (romantic picnic at a spot of their choice)

  • Let's Watch the Sunset (with a bottle of wine of course)

  • Cuddle Next to a Fire (indoor or out)

  • Romantic Movie (whatever they want - no complaints)

  • Stargazing

Intimate Encounters

Please Note: This is for those of you in a long-term, committed relationship! No pressure, do whatever feels right for you and your relationship.

  • Striptease

  • Quickie

  • Dress Me Up (wear an outfit of his/her choice)

  • Creative Use of Icecubes

  • Do You Need a Hand?

  • Your Wish is My Command (grant 3 intimate wishes, 1 night use)

  • Special Massage

  • The Answer is YES (whatever they want)

  • What's Your Fantasy (fulfill one of their deep, dark fantasies)

  • Role Play (pretend to be whatever/whoever they want for a night)

  • I.O.U A Night Of Fun

Fun And Games

  • Shall We Play? (any game of their choice)

  • Afternoon Scavenger Hunt

  • Reenact The Day You Fell In Love (Write it down and swap, or simply make a video recording)

  • Strip Poker

  • Break a Record In The Guinness Book Of World Records

  • Make Homemade Treats And Sweets

  • Ceramic Pottery

  • Play "Would You Rather" or "Never Have I Ever"

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