Best Edge Control Part 2 & 3k GIVEAWAY

Hey #TEAMLOVELY! Part 1 of Best Gels/Edge Controls For Natural Hair was epic and I appreciate all of the feedback. I'm now coming to you with a part 2 video which only features edge controls that I know for sure work! I don't usually wear edge control but the times that I do I like for the product to be A-1.

To show my gratitude to my subscribers for all of their support I am having my first giveaway! Giveaway prizes, rules, and ways to enter are revealed in the video.

Ways To Enter:

1. Subscribe to my youtube channel here 2. Leave a comment under the video 'Best Edge Control / Gel For Natural Hair Pt.2' with something you are proud of so far in 2017

3. There is also a bonus entry

Giveaway will be open from June 6, 2017 - June 30, 2017

Winner will be announced July 1, 2017

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