7 Favorite Natural Hair Products

All of my favorite products in one video how exciting! Over the course of my natural hair journey, I've been able to test countless products to see what works best for me. These are my favorite products thus far.

  1. Camille Rose Curl Maker: What have I been missing all my life? Camille Rose Curl Maker that's what! This product smells divine and it does an excellent job bringing out my natural curl pattern.

  2. Proclaim Coconut Oil Anti-Breakage Conditioner: Proclaim conditioner adds tons of slip to my hair which makes my wash day detangling process much easier.

  3. Head and Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care: This shampoo has done wonders for my itchy scalp. I've experienced a clear night and day difference.

  4. Jamaican Black Castor Oil: This oil strengthens my hair and helps reduce shedding.

  5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Olive oil is light enough to not wear down my hair but heavy enough to keep my moisture sealed in.

  6. Tea Tree Oil: This essential oil unclogs my hair follicles, moisturizes my hair, and treats my dandruff.

  7. Lotta Body Edge Control: One of my favorite edge controls because it easily takes hold of my edges and lays them down.

Check out the video above to learn more information about these products.

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