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February 6, 2017


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Kimberly Elise 


Many are familiar with Kimberly Elise, the film and television actress who has been in the industry for over 20 years. She is known for her roles in 'Set It Off', 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman', 'John Q' and 'For Colored Girls'. Some are unaware that in addition to her acting career, Kimberly Elise advocates natural beauty and authentic living through her website She has even gone as far as to create an interactive eBook entitled, Curly Halo, to teach about the ins and outs of natural hair! 



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I would define Curly Halo as a "Natural Hair eBible" that is the perfect read for all naturalistas old and new. This eBook is jam-packed with useful information that not only teaches the importance of loving natural hair but also offers insight on how to maintain it properly. 


Curly Halo discusses both the external wellbeing of the hair as well as its health starting from within the body. The eBook has sections where you can track your progress and document your hair's health with ease. Although it is sometimes overwhelming to learn how to care for natural hair, Kimberly Elise shows us that it is not impossible. 

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Benefits For New Naturals


Curly Halo is a perfect starter guide to help you create your own healthy hair regimen because it contains everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you need to know about natural hair. Kimberly Elise organizes the eBook in a simple, easy to read format so you are not overwhelmed with information.


One of the best parts about Curly Halo is that it is filled with beautiful photos, diagrams, and testimonies from Kimberly Elise's own experiences. Lastly, If you are new to the natural hair community, some of the terminologies are confusing. Luckily, Curly Halo has a section dedicated to helping you master natural hair lingo!



Benefits For Old Naturals


What is in it for you? Well, the eBook contains plenty of content for us veterans too. I cannot stress enough that Curly Halo benefits all types of natural hair whether you have type 3a, type 4c, damaged, colored, dry, or oily hair. We can always learn something new, and I have surely learned a lot from reading the eBook.


I struggle with my hair's moisture retention, however, after reading Curly Halo I discovered many useful tips to help me overcome my hair's dryness. I really love the part of the eBook that serves as a  reference guide to natural bloggers, Youtubers, websites, and books that I can check out. That way I can continue to learn even more about natural hair care and possibly connect with other naturalistas along the way. 




To learn more about Curly Halo click here.

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