I LOVE MY SUBSCRIBERS (My Favorite Comments In 2016)

I appreciate all of my Youtube subscribers and absolutely love receiving comments on my videos. I'm motivated to produce more content when I see that I am helping and inspiring others. Humorous comments keeping me going as well! Comments that are insightful lead to great conversation and critical comments help me to learn. Below is a list of my favorite Youtube comments of 2016! The titles in pink serve as links to each video. Thank you so much for your support.

11 Struggles Naturals Know All Too Well

I couldn't have said it better myself! "the struggle is real being natural, but it's ALL WORTH IT". #teamnaturalandlovingit

My Natural Hair Journey (2 year anniversary)

I love seeing women support one another on embracing their natural hair.

Wash Day Routine

I discovered so many people that have the same hair texture as me. It's funny because we all thought we were alone! Before I started making videos, I thought it was so hard to find people with my hair type....boy was I wrong.

Did I mention I work really hard to produce quality content? It's nice that It doesn't go unnoticed.

I thought this comment was funny! It made me smile:)

Your Hair Looks Like Shoelaces?! (Top 10 Ignorant Comments About My Hair)

All of the comments under this video were nice because we could all share our experiences with our natural hair and relate. It was also a good laugh, she said "don't play me! I was born with beautiful thick KINKY hair". I love how she used kinky in a positive connotation because often times it's used to describe hair in a negative way.

Best Edge Control / Gel for Natural Hair

I love when my viewers stay engaged by leaving me tips and advice! These people taught me techniques I've never considered trying.

I'm happy they enjoyed the video and my personality was able to shine through. It may not seem like a big deal, but I love the feeling I get knowing I made someone smile.

Edge-Friendly Updo

She's witnessed my whole natural hair journey and this was a nice reminder that I've progressed so much. I have a lot to be thankful for and I always appreciate the support from loved ones.

This comment made me smile. It motivates me to keep making videos when I know people are benefiting from them. When I first started my natural hair journey, only one person on Youtube (that I knew of) created hair videos that matched my hair texture. Nowadays, you can find all types of natural hair videos featuring a variety of hair textures. I like to serve as one of the sources that people can relate too.

Flat Twist Protective Style | Natural Hair

Once again seeing people learn and benefit from my videos motivates me.

Hot Oil Treatment for Natural Hair

Once again seeing people learn and benefit from my videos motivates me.

DIY $15 Box Braids

Once again seeing people learn and benefit from my videos motivates me.

Get Rid Of Single Strand Knots!

I was so excited to reach 1,000 subscribers and this will always be one of my favorite comments.

Fitness Haul & Try On | 2016

*Sigh* I can't even explain this comment... This is an inside joke if I've ever seen one! My friend is hilarious so I can just hear her saying this which makes the comment even funnier.

College Dorm Room Tour (Howard University)

I found out she attends my University so it was nice being able to connect with her and experience the Bison Love.

Yoga Challenge | Christmas Edition

This comment was so cute and unexpected. :)

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