Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots are my favorite natural hairstyle because I can manipulate them in so many ways. Here are some tips to ensure that your Bantu Knots come out nothing less than PERFECT!

1. BE NEAT (PRE AND POST BANTU KNOTS). When putting in the Bantu Knots make sure your hair is evenly parted so that the curls will all be the same size. When your hair dries, separate the twists very carefully so that the newly developed curls will stay intact.

Bantu Knots Down

2. TWIST YOUR HAIR BEFORE PUTTING IN BANTU KNOTS. Your curls will be much more defined and last a long time.

3. LET YOUR HAIR AIR DRY FIRST. Let your moisturized hair air dry or dry 85% so that the Bantu Knots won't take forever to dry. Believe me, it is the worst thing ever to wake up in the morning with the hope of having a spectacular hairstyle, when in reality your hair is still wet from the night before.

Bantu Knots Pulled Up

4. MAKE YOUR BANTU KNOTS LAST. Simply tie a scarf around your head or pineapple your hair at night. Then the next morning, fluff and shake out your hair with your hands in order to bring life back to your style.

5. DON'T TWIST TOO TIGHT. This will cause so many problems because you will add stress to your hair and cause breakage. This damaging habit can eventually lead to balding.

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