What The Media Conveniently Doesn't Tell You About The Baltimore Riots

The media only highlights the negative aspect of the story.

I have a lot of suppressed anger that I need to release right now. I’m frustrated due to the fact that the media prefers to focus on all of the negativity in Baltimore such as the violent riots instead of shining light on the 10,000 protestors that were peacefully fighting for justice in Baltimore (in the name of Freddie Gray). My Facebook newsfeed is overflowing with videos as well as pictures of people stealing, and “destroying the city”. I’ve seen countless ignorant comments from those I used to attend school with disrespecting the people of Baltimore without understanding a thing about what is really going on. For example, a girl reposted a picture and stated, “Animals. Only animals act this way”. I was mortified to see this and I had to let her know that before she makes accusations she needs to do her research and comprehend the situation.

Is the anger of the protestors justifiable?

I believe the anger that some of these people are feeling is completely justifiable however, they are expressing that rage in an inappropriate manner. If underprivileged communities had more money for education and other resources that prevent the opportunity for adequate jobs, then they would produce a different reaction. Unfortunately, they do not have those resources and they are tired of the injustice, tired of being broke and most of all tired of being treated like they don't matter. New York Media LLC makes a great point when stating that other riots don’t receive nearly as much attention as the Baltimore riot when their reasoning is far less justifiable than racism, and/or grievances with the criminal justice system.

A different viewpoint.

While researching more information on the riots in Baltimore I came across Black Westchester News and I appreciate the fact that a different viewpoint is discussed as opposed to the negative remarks from sources like CNN and Fox.

Lastly, during a FOX News interview, Nick Mosby, Baltimore City Councilman also tried to explain a different viewpoint of the riots however, the interviewer refused to hear it! If you pay attention to the video the interviewer is not listening to a word that Mosby is saying and he keeps returning to the subject of the destroyed liquor store. The interviewer is clearly only interested in the latest gossip and drama. I commend Mosby for shedding light on a situation that is ignored every day and responding to the interviewer in a mature way.

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