It Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done

June 17, 2014

I don't know what possessed me to create a bucket list, but I am happy I did. My list helps me prioritize and figure out what's important to me. I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I cross something off of my list. For example, I wanted to get over my HUGE PHOBIA of public speaking so I put "be in a pageant" on my bucket list.


I admired how poise and elegant pageant women were and I've always wanted to try it. Never in a million years would I have thought I could do it — but I did. That pageant ended up being one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I plan on doing more pageants! I strongly encourage starting a bucket list even if you don't have many goals at first. You can always add goals along the way!




Bucket List Ideas:
1. Overcoming a fear
2. Places I want to travel to
3. Accomplishing something that is really important to me

4. Making a difference
5. Do something adventurous
6. Connection/Relationship goals
7. Education Goals
8. Health/Wellness goals
9. Learn or do something completely new, outside of my comfort zone

Don't make all of the goals difficult...make some of them ones that can be accomplished today...



My Bucket List:
1.     Attend a Beyoncé concert
2.     Learn to cut men’s hair
3.     Grow out perm to bra strap length
4.     Go to Trinidad
5.     Go to Cascade, ATL
6.     Sing in front of a crowd
7.     Visit 1/7 of the Natural Wonders of the World
8.     Ride in a hot air balloon
10.   Go to the Wax Museum
11.   Attend a Chicago Bulls game
12.   Horseback ride on the beach
13.   Go to Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower
14.   Be fluent in Spanish
15.   Go on a road trip
16.   Run a 5k race
17.   Go on a cruise trip
18.   Visit Africa
19.   Make college cheer team 
20.   Get a nice, cut stomach/abs 
21.   Go camping
22.   Track where I came from/roots
23.   Meet someone with my name
24.   Make a stack of $1,000 in cash (2014)
25.   Read the whole bible
26.   Meet Chris Brown
27.   Be in a pageant 
28.   Put in a full head of box braids on someone (2018)
29.   Go out in a public with a non-manipulated Afro
30.   Make a website 
31.   Go on a spring break trip with my friends (2013, 2014)
32.   Get a scholarship
33.   Finish 60 day Insanity Workout 
34.   Skydive 
35.   Take a picture every day for a year
36.   Take a picture every day to track my pregnancy growth
37.   Go to a spa for a full day
38.   Order a martini
39.   Swim with dolphins
40.   Donate blood willingly
41.   Make ceramic pottery
42.   Sew something I can wear
43.   Get something waxed other than eyebrows
44.   Go wine tasting
45.   Catch…cook…and eat my own meal
46.   Cook a traditional dish from a different culture
47.   Make a cookbook of my favorite recipes
48.   Eat shark
49.   Host a murder mystery party
50.   Play Mas
51.   Visit Niagara Falls
52.   Sponsor a child
53.   Go to a religious service of another faith
54.   Shop on Black Friday
55.   Plant a tree and watch it grow
56.   Create a memory book (where elders write their memories and experiences from their life)
57.   Visit Egyptian pyramids
58.   Get married
59.   Witness a solar eclipse
60.   Go on a blind date
61.   Bury the hatchet with enemies and people I've had conflicts with in the past
62.   Fly first class on the plane
63.   Visit all 50 states (have to either spend the whole day there or sleep there overnight) 
(15 Down...39 to go)
64.   Go to a shooting range
65.   Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
66.   Make over $1000 for a charity
67.   Go a month without the internet
68.   Visit all continents (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia,  Europe, North America,  South America)
69.   Write a Book
70.   Keep a promise ring
71.   Make a new photo album for every place I visit outside of the US 
(Done: Bahamas, Jamaica)
72.   Be in a photo shoot (2017 Zaria Jenee Art)
73.   Make a difference in the world

74.   Go to Caribana in Canada

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