My 'Dear Diary' Series documents all the goals I want to achieve, dreams I want to fulfill and life experiences I want to go through...kind of checking off my bucket list. This is me trying to live my life to the fullest and take advantage of all that life has to offer. Everything happens for a reason and I've learned it's perfectly fine not to have everything in life figured out. For now, my bucket list reminds me of what is really important to me so I can act on it. 

Learn To Entertain Yourself
My Very First Photoshoot | DEAR DIARY
My New Puppy | DEAR DIARY
Think It Into Existence
I LOVE MY SUBSCRIBERS | My Favorite Comments In 2016
Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy?
Quotes To Live By
What Am I Really Protecting? My Heart or My Ego?
Get Ready With Me | Graduation
Steps To Improving Self-Esteem
148th Howard University Commencement | Class of 2016
Dorm Room Nightmare
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A way for diverse perspectives to be heard. Wanna Be Only Me encourages women to share their testimonies, and opinions regardless of whether or not she is a professional writer. 

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