This is an agreement between you and Wanna Be Only Me by which you are transferring to us all of your rights to the content you are submitting to us (article, graphic, etc.) Please review this agreement carefully as you will be bound by its terms.



Rights to the Content

Once you submit and we agree to publish the content, the content will be Wanna Be Only Me's, and you will no longer have any ownership rights to the Content. In other words,  you hereby assign, transfer, grant and convey to us free and clear of all encumbrances or limitations of every kind, all of your worldwide right, title and interest in, to and under the Content. You shall not publish, copy, sell, or redistribute (except as provided for herein) the Content without our prior written consent.


By submitting Content to us, you agree that the Content may be viewed by others and that you will have no right to delete or require us to delete, edit, or otherwise modify the Content. We may benefit commercially from the Content by using it to attract advertisers to our publications. You understand that we have no obligation to provide you with any data or other information that we may obtain concerning the Content, publications, or advertisers, except as described in this agreement.



Articles That Will Not Be Accepted

Articles that will not be accepted include Content that has little beneficial information, plagiarized work, articles with profanity, poorly written articles, articles that only show pictures, previously published Content or Content that is not your own. By submitting Content to us you agree that the Content you submit has not been previously published, is your original work (and you have not plagiarized it), and does not contain any defamatory, libelous, or unlawful matter, that it complies with our rules, and that it does not violate or infringe any copyright rights or other rights of any third party. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless for any damages or other losses, including court costs and attorney's’ fees, we suffer resulting from any claims, lawsuits, administrative hearings, or other actions related to or resulting from any breach of this paragraph.


We may disclose your identity to any third party who claims that any User Content posted or uploaded by you defames them, constitutes a breach of their Intellectual Property Rights or breaches their right to privacy.




You agree to give Wannabeonlyme.com full rights to the content. A "writer's bio section" will appear at the end of all your article with your name, social media links, and an optional photograph. 




Articles should be at least 200 words in length. Although it is NOT required, up to four supporting links directing away from WBOM will be accepted per article. However, blatant advertising will not be accepted.



Formatting/ Editing

Articles will be edited to match the website's style when it is reviewed so there is no need to focus on formatting. All content submitted to Wanna Be Only Me through Open Submission will be reviewed prior to publication. Plagiarized content will NOT be accepted (everything is run through COPYSCAPE). Wanna Be Only Me will provide a cover photo for the article and reserves the right edit your article, which includes adding links, editing titles and text to improve clarity. 


Article Topics

Articles should be original and informative with beneficial content so that readers leave WBOM with more knowledge on a given topic. Possible article topics are

  • Natural Hair Care

  • DIY Projects

  • Healthy Living

  • Love and Relationships

  • Culture

  • Current Events

  • Personal Testimonies

  • Anything that empowers and uplifts women



All articles will include a "writer bio section" that attachés a link to your blog, social media websites. Writing for WBOM can increase the popularity of your own blog/site and increase your site's traffic. I will publish the article on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. We request exclusive worldwide electronic rights to publish the articles on Wannabeonlyme.com. 



Submission of your first article will indicate that you agree with these terms.







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