Jennifer Hudson is one of my favorite women in the music industry because she is classy, respects herself and demands that same respect from others simply by the way she carries herself. While on the Wendy Williams show Jennifer is questioned about why she and longtime boyfriend/fiancé of six years, David Otunga, haven’t walked down the aisle and called it official yet.


This is how the conversation went.


Wendy: There’s a pink elephant in the room, it’s the engagement ring. While it is beautiful…You’ve been wearing that ring and engaged for six years, so when are you and big David going to be getting married?


J Hudson: Well the ring is still there and we will get married one day but again, my thing is, once I get married, I don’t believe in divorce. And so when I get married, it’s for good. We want to be completely sure we’re together, we’re happy and when it’s time…


Wendy: You have a baby and you’ve been together forever! And hello, he’s got a Harvard degree, who wouldn’t want to stay?


J Hudson: But I think that’s the key, take baby steps.


Wendy: Baby steps?!


J Hudson: That’s my definition of baby steps, baby. You ain’t gotta understand it.


Wendy: Ok, I’ll let it go. When it happens, it happens… but as long as you’re wearing the ring.


J Hudson: He has one too, now.


Wendy: How’d did that happen?


J Hudson: Well, he wanted one. He said he needed everybody to know that he was taken as well. After he gave me my ring, for his birthday I gave him his.


Too often people rush into relationships and then regret their decision, so I understand why Jennifer’s wants to take her time. I completely respect Jennifer's viewpoint because only she knows what is right for her. If she feels like waiting is the best way to develop and nurture her relationship then she is allowed to do so.


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