The Cultural Empowerment page is all about cultural appreciation and awareness while acknowledging the accomplishments of women. Some people are familiar with all the aspects of their culture, while others do not have a clue. Taking the time to learn about other cultures with respect and courtesy is just as important as being proud of your own history and background. For some, embracing a unique culture or heritage may not be a huge part of who they are. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to educate yourself on your heritage and embrace everything that comes with your family’s culture.

By: C. lovely

Zakia Belkhiri, a 22 year old Muslim woman, did something clever. Instead of getting angry and responding to the protesters with hate, she decided to take some cute, cheerful selfies in front of them.

Ava Roberts, age 23, becomes the youngest female African American doctor in history!

By: C. lovely

A Los Angeles-based arts nonprofit Clockshop is throwing a year long series of events entitled Radio Imagination to celebrate Octavia E. Butler 

By: C.lovely

Although many black girls living in the suburbs find ease in moving between white and black communities, there are still problems that derive from growing up black in predominately white suburbs. The suburban black girl experiences a unique kind of isolation that is easily overlooked.

By: Zaria Huggins

Beauty is subjective; it is a result of the judgment of others on what is aesthetically pleasing. Beauty standards, perpetuated by a history of dehumanization and separation within the black community, created a rigid hierarchy that established black women at the bottom of the food chain.

By: C.lovely

This is dedicated to all the lovely women that have taken the initiative to create their own business. It is now our job to support them so that they can continue to thrive and make a positive impact on their surrounding communities.

The idea that the troops protecting our country are also sexually assaulting others within the same group is very contradicting.

Nickelodeon partnered with the Because of Them, We Can™ for Black History Month. It was amazing watching these young girls recite Maya Angelou's "Phenomenal Woman". 

By C.lovely

"Are you constantly having to explain why certain viewpoints are problematic?" 

By: C.lovely

You have most likely seen Adinkra symbols on numerous occasions but never knew it! Adinkra symbols are more than just pretty patterns. They have so much motivational, and cultural significance that everyone should know about.

By: C.lovely

What The Media Conveniently Doesn't Tell You About The Baltimore Riots.

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