July 16, 2020

Hello #TeamLovely! Today's video shows the various hairstyles that I can do with short passion twists. In the past, I've put in box braids, Marley twists and Senegalese twists. This is my first time with short twists, passion twists and ombre hair. I LOVE the style. En...

May 3, 2020


Flat twists are two strand twists that are attached to the scalp.

Flat twists are one of my favorite go-to hairstyles. Flat twists are easily achievable and very versatile. I love halo flat twists and flat twist updos for protective styling. 

This st...

February 9, 2018

This hairstyle is inspired by my perm rod updo however, I tweaked a few things. As you can see, I am in love with the "short hair look" without actually cutting my hair.

In this style, I have a total of 6 flat twists. 4 twists in the back and 2 twists on the side. At th...

August 26, 2017

You know those mornings when your hair doesn't turn out quite how you want it to? Yeah, this is one of those mornings! I had every intention to rock a full head of curls, however, the hair in the back of my head decided to mess up the plan.

As naturals, we learn to be...

June 26, 2017

Hey #TEAMLOVELY! I wear a head wrap AT LEAST once a week because the style is beautiful, very convenient and it is a part of my culture. 


The headwrap style originated in sub-Saharan  Africa and was worn for religious reasons, cultural reasons, fashion statem...

October 16, 2016

I love box braids because the styling possibilities are endless. Box braids are chic, low maintenance, and long-lasting. Here are some cute box braid styles. 

Style #1: 

Style #2:

More Box Braid Styles: 

August 20, 2016

This updo is perfect because it is designed to put as little stress on the edges as possible. The style consists of a flat twist in the front and a pin-and-tuck bun in the back.


  • 2 hair ties

  • bobby pins

  • coconut oil

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May 3, 2020

February 9, 2018

January 30, 2018

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