I'm C. Lovely (Liss), the creator of Wanna Be Only Me. I graduated from Howard University...yes the REAL HU... with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science and a minor in Nutrition. If cheetah print were a color it would be my favorite color but for now pink will do. When I’m in the zone creating content for Youtube and Wanna Be Only Me, I am in my happy place. Also, dancing and exercising bring me life.



The purpose of Wanna Be Only Me is to empower and uplift women by promoting the importance of self-worth, confidence and overall greatness. Self-worth is what allows individuals to believe that they are capable of contributing to society and that they deserve to live a long, fulfilling life. Everything happens for a reason and it's perfectly fine not to have everything in life figured out. Wanna Be Only Me is also geared towards women who simply want to live life to the fullest and take advantage of all life has to offer.

By focusing on points such as physical and mental health, leadership capabilities, cultural awareness, and self-affirmation, women will learn to feel confident in the “skin they are in” by embracing the blessings God has given them. A woman does not need to depend on the acceptance or approval of others to determine her self-worth. 

This website serves as my creative outlet where I spread positive vibes hoping it’ll rub off on others. Wanna Be Only Me is a collection of fun, motivational and useful posts inspired by my everyday life and personal interests. This website means everything to me because I am able to reach out to a diverse group of women while being a "leading learner"— as I learn I do not hesitate to share. 



Contribute to the conversation by sharing my articles and leaving comments. Stay updated through Facebook. Let your voice be heard by guest blogging through Open SubmissionIf you would like to collaborate contact me here.





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A way for diverse perspectives to be heard. Wanna Be Only Me encourages women to share their testimonies, and opinions regardless of whether or not she is a professional writer. 

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