33 Reasons We Love Our Mothers

A bond between a mother and her daughter is too strong to break! A mother can take the place of all others, but no one can ever take her place. Here are 33 reasons we love our mothers!

1. You wouldn’t be here without her.

source: yahoo

2. Whatever happens in your life she's standing next to you, supporting you, always in your corner.

3. She gives the best advice.

4. She always puts you first.

5. She takes your call no matter what.

source: yahoo

6. She accepts all your little quirks.

7. She makes delicious food. No one can make it quite like her.

source: yahoo

8. She’s always your #1 fan.

9. She works hard everyday.

source: @queenlatifah_01

10. She made sure you always wore a jacket.

source: yahoo

11. She loves giving advice, especially when you take it!

12. She has everything you could ever need in her purse...always prepared!

13. Because when moma ain't happy ain't nobody happy.

source: yahoo

14. Those 1,458 rounds of checkers she let you win.

source: yahoo

15. Those 7,567 school lunches she packed for you.

16. She took you to church every Sunday so faith would be a part of your life.

source: yahoo

17. She hugged you even when you didn’t hug back. Especially when you didn’t hug back.

18. She’s the most patient woman in the world.

19. She didn’t abandon you during your abnormally long ‘awkward phase'.

source: @coverdgirlinc

20. She knows when you're changing the subject to avoid something you need to talk about.

21. She’s always believes in you even when you don't believe in yourself

source: yahoo

22. She taught you all you needed to know about being a good human being.

source: yahoo

23. She instilled in you a deep love for ice cream.

24. She gave you the cutest hairstyles.

26. For all the times you told her she was wrong...she must have done something right, because look how great you turned out!

25. Through stuffy noses, fevers and heartbreaks, she was the best nurse ever!

27. She put up with shows you liked like just to spend time with you.

28. Even when she was upset with you, you knew she loved you.

source: yahoo

source: yahoo

source: @commemamancollection

29. She’s genuine...she doesn’t pretend to be anybody but herself.

30. She ‘likes’ everything you post on Facebook.

31. She said you were good at ballet even though you were terrible.

source: yahoo

32. She taught you good manners, and they really come in handy.

33. She just ‘gets’ you.


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