10 Of The Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

1. Cheat. If you are that unhappy with your relationship then you need to end it before starting a new one. That way your new relationship isn't built on lies and you can walk out of your old relationship with dignity.


2. Wait for your partner to break up with you. Dragging on this process will make both of you miserable. You can't expect for your partner to have magical powers that alert them of your unhappiness. If your partner doesn't notice a problem in the relationship, they won't have a reason to break up with you. Plain and simple.


3. Blame the break up on them. "I just want you to be happy, I feel like I'm holding you back". This is the biggest load of crap! Don't use your partner as an excuse to break up because they know what you're doing... they are not dumb. 


4. Be rude about it.“Sticks and stones may break my bones” but your words will ALWAYS hurt someone". Especially if you're using cruelty in order to sabotage someone into accepting the break up. Leaving on this bad note is not the smartest route to take. 


5. Doing it over the pone (with the exception of long distance relationships). At least have the decency to talk to them face to face. If you don't, you will be remembered as a coward and all the good memories you had with the person will vanish. A text message is even worse than a phone call. It gives off the impression that the whole relationship had no meaning to you and you don't have enough respect for the person to do it to their face. 


6. Disappear without a reason. It's very cowardly to leave someone in the dark wondering what went wrong . You will leave an unclosed portion of your life that you will always be running away from. It's better to close that chapter of your life in order to move on properly.

7. Do it in a public setting. This just adds unnecessary drama especially if you do it in front of mutual friends, or family. This will humiliate them and the break up might escalate into something more serious.


8. Give them false hope. If you don't intend on continuing the relationship don't try and soften the break up by lying. If you do this they will never be emotionally free to move on because they believe you two will eventually get back together.


9. Let them be the last one to find out. This is one of the worst things that can happen. Everyone knows that the relationship is over except for the person. Even worse they have to find out from someone else before they hear it from you. This is humiliating and they will despise you. 


10. Dropping the bomb on their birthday/holiday/anniversary. I have no words! This is just cruel! Waiting to do it the day after is just as bad as dropping the bomb on their special day... if you thought you were doing them a favor, guess again. 


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